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1.  Front Yard Appearance Guidelines:

We ask that you keep it looking neat and properly maintained so that (like all landscaping) it doesn't get out of control. You will need to keep any vegetation out of the sight distance area. You will also need to keep the vegetation/landscaping out of the right of way and outside any utility easements (your water meter should give you a good indication of where the right of way is, and your sewer clean-out should help figure out where the utility easement on the sewer line is - typically it is 10' from the manhole on both sides of the underground sewer line).

If a garden does get out of control and receives any neighborhood complaints, we would communicate those to the homeowner to ensure they are addressed. I think most people have their gardens in the backyard or in bins on their back porch so the concern is just to make sure that any garden doesn't become overgrown or detract from the
neighborhood appearance.

Per the Town of Cary (Kalil Nasir, Zoning Compliance Officer), they do not have any specific ordinance prohibiting
front yard gardens in Cary. According to him, the standard Cary yard verbiage would apply: "All premises of any housing shall be kept clean and free of rubbish, trash, garbage, debris, discarded appliances, litter, unstacked wood, or other forms of offensive animal or vegetable matter or refuse that may be dangerous to the public health, constitute
a fire hazard or be a public nuisance. Grass in lawn areas must be maintained to a height of 8 inches or less."

Should you require any structural elements (trellis, terraces, fences, raised boxes, etc) for the garden, that would have to be approved by our Architectural Review committee prior to installation. The online form can be found under the Resource Center section of our website if you choose to make those improvements. Our bylaws and covenants are also there for reference purposes.

Livestock is not permitted in our neighborhood (ie. no chickens are allowed)