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Trip hazards removed from Sidewalk

posted Feb 24, 2012, 7:47 PM by Jim Schneider

The sidewalk that runs along Thorpe between Evans and Silvercliff - the majority of which belongs to Springbrooke - was repaired on Nov. 3.


Sidewalk trip hazard
The Springbrooke HOA Board contracted with Precision Safe Sidewalks to perform the repairs, which involved shaving trip hazards (ranging from 1/4 inch to 2.5 inches) to meet ADA compliance. Since Springbrooke owns the sidewalk, the trip hazards represent a liability concern for the HOA. You can view a video on how the repairs will be made as well as on Precision's website.

A chart imbedded in the October HOA meeting PPT details the number of hazards repaired and cost of the project. Silverton owns two shorter portions of the complete sidewalk. Silverton participated in the project and paid for their portion of the repairs.

Precision's method of repair qualifies as a "green" building practice and is more environmentally friendly than removing and replacing panels. Precision's method also offers better dust collection as compared to grinding.

If you have questions regarding the repair, contact HOA President Jason King.